Carefully selected abalone
Carefully selected abalone
Carefully selected abalone

Japans 2nd most important area for abalone fishing is in Nagasaki prefecture.
Wakamiya Suisan, based in Nagasaki is one of the biggest producers of abalone products
Our branch in Fukuoka is conveniently located near the airport, so we can guarantee the freshness of Live abalone.
Wakamiya Suisan is also the first company to export this product from Japan to Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.
Besides the Live shell fish our processed abalone has also become very popular among our customers.
因出貨場所位在福岡機場附近, 所以可以将新鮮的鮑魚
大量的送往日本全國各地, 以及出口韓國, 中國, 香港,

Live abalone 活鮑魚

Live abalone from Nagasaki is harvested the whole year through. We can deliver Black, Red and Madake Abalone, selected by size, any time.
長崎縣產的鮑魚可以通年捕獲, 有各種尺寸大小的「黒鮑」,「赤鮑」「, 間高鮑」, 以最新鮮的品質進行發送。

boiled abalone soysauce add 煮鮑魚

Our‘ ni’ abalone is cooked in a Japanese way, called ‘niru’, a slow type of cooking with‘ shochu’ from Iki Island. And without the use of any kind of chemical.
It is recommended as a special gift.

boiled abalone salt add 水煮鮑魚

In order to preserve the fragrance our shell fish is not packed in cans, but in a retort pouch. The abalone in brine can be used for several kinds of cooking, for example Chinese dishes and as abalone steak.
鮑魚燒烤等都可方便, 輕松的加以配制。